An Instagram fitness program created and hosted by Ashley Bancroft, where you redirect your anger to your workout. She's been the target of Team Takedown's so called "leaks", revealing that there's more psychology than physiology in the workout but, I'm getting results sooooo....


Ok. I'll admit, this is weird but, this was one of my first internet friends... I have no idea who he is or if he's even real but, he made this and asked me to share it. Maybe it's a psychological experiment...or maybe it's just nonsense.


One of my favorite things to watch when I'm wasting time online - the Creative Reality Entertianment Division (CRED) is a video network featuring a vareity of shows like "Stu's Got Beef" to hear what you need to know about the world, or "No Chains, Mad Gains" for philosophical fitness, or learn about the signs of the end times and how to stay prepared for the m with Pepper Nicks.


I kinda got addicted to this recently...it's a puppet show with alien puppets but, they kinda think they're real, crash landed on earth and, honestly, Im not entirely sure it's fiction...


My former cat-sitter and a family friend! :) Tabatha Gray and Bellaboobug host podcasts all about cats in Emet's Crossing. Tabatha was recently targeted by Team Takedown and they spread misinformation about her mistreating her cats.


The pet project of Jackson Hantz, Amorgos is a non-profit safe space/retreat for those who need to get away from it all. I came into contact with them when Team Takedown revealed that Hantz was actually a trust-fund kid and that he didn't truly understand what needing to get away meant...but so what? He still had the best intentions for providing a safe space for people.


Fuck the MSM!!! Beauty Queen, Miss Information, and field reporter Reginal Wilkins report and review the latest news in a weekly show, delivering educational media literacy segments to encourage viewers to think more critically about the media they create and consume.