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My name is Zander Jones,

and my best friend ruined my life.

Watch the movie to see what happened.

After you watch the movie, there’s tons of other stories to experience: an alien puppet video series, a wacky news channel, and a misinformation-focused beauty queen. You can text my mom and help her figure out technology, complete missions to join Team Zander and help me take down David, and more.

This Is Definitely Real. It was pretty expensive to make, so if you dig it, and want us to make more, send a donation over PayPal or grab some merch.

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Explore the massive, interconnected web of stories made by dozens of creators from the world of Emet’s Crossing.
All of this is definitely real.

Team Zander Missions

To help Zander on his quest, complete a series of missions that gather information
about David King and Team Takedown and bring you deep into the rabbithole.


DIY Invaders

Alien space invaders here to take over the hoomans. I had their support — kind of.

Maria Jones

My mom tried to help, but she ended up posting her number all over the internet and getting some rude awakenings about technology and what’s real on the internet. You can still text her: 406-284-0604


The Emet’s Crossing local news station put out some interesting stories about my fight with David

Miss Information

A beauty queen reports weekly on the latest Definitely Real news.


Tabatha Gray and her co-host Bella Boo Bug give you the latest on cats, cat fashion, and interspecies emotional health...until Team Takedown disrupts a few things.

Tormentors R Us

Tormentors R Us has got you covered! You can send CEO Chad LaDouche and his Mean Team the name of someone who deserves to be bullied and harassed, and they'll do the rest. Your enemy's life will become the nightmare of your dreams!


Ashley Bancroft teaches fitness based on outrage, and what a motivator it is! Thanks Ashley for all of your support.

Undeniable Drama Codex

J. Dout, Ph.D., hosts this thought-provoking blog, where he airs the internet's dirty laundry the moment it gets dirty.

Amorgos Retreat

If the pandemic and its accompanying ills are getting you down, get away from it all at this must-visit resort which will take care of all your material needs while you attend to your spiritual health.

VFX For Hire

VFX for Hire is here for any and all of your VFX needs. They might be doing dirty deeds for a nefarious organization, but hey- a college kid needs to make a buck sometimes and tuition doesn't pay itself.


Disinformation? Alternative Facts? Or just a trickster wreaking havoc for its own sake? We're not sure. True or false is not the point. What matters is what matters to you and why.


Why We Punked The Internet


Chief Executive Officer
Michael Morgenstern
Chief Operations Officer
Elizabeth Reynolds
Chief Narrative Officer
Zach Fish
Chief Marketing Officer
Franz Aliquo
Director of Digital Strategy
Joe Federer
Production & Release Coordinator Yasemin Kosereisoglu
Interactive Narrative Supervisor Alexis Krohn
Associate Producer
Sam Kaufman
Publicist Evan White
Interactive Narrative Supervisor Ad Naka
Lead Interaction Designer Justin Bortnick
Lead Narrative Designer Jon Schoonhoven
Lead Narrative Writer Hank Whitson
Online Writer Mar Ferreri
Online Writer Roger Blast
Online Writer Jenny McAllister
Online Writer Mar Ferreri
Rapid Brainstorm Writer Andrew Somerville
Interactive Narrative PA Martha Fehrman
Marketing Team
Social Media Strategist Arianna Armstrong
Online Community Manager Jackson Foster
Online Community Manager Ashley Yonan
Paid Media Specialist Chanelle Leslie
Social Media Manager / Consultant Josh Monast
Marketing Assistant Alicia Fiorina
Addl Social Media Manager Adwoa Ayesu
Marketing Consultant Patricia Galea
Project Assistant
Alex Poe
Project Assistant
Alicia Fiorina
Project Assistant
Zack “Mac” Bermack
Research Assistant
Michelle Krasowski
Keyboard Cast
Zander Jones Sophie Schweik
Team Takedown Hank Whitson
Temba His Arms Roger Blast
Maria Jones Ellie DiBerardino
Nova, Jenna, Soph, Emily Grace O’Rourke
Clark, Alana, Jenna, JAX Marcel Gabbett
Hudson, Katie, Tessa, Janus, Moss Gina Pasciuto
Tech Team
Isolation Web UX Designer Caroline Luu
Isolation Web UX Designer Sari Morgenstern
Isolation Web UX Consultant Joseph Hren
Isolation Web Developer Amy Wieliczka
Backend Development, System Management, and IT Hans Sprecher
Systems Consultant Eric Berglund
Web Developer
Keith Hickman-Perfetti
Production Team
Website Developer Keith Hickman-Perfetti
Graphic Designer Jessica Ikenberry
Graphic Designer Meghan Schultz
Graphic Designer Sophie Lindemann
Business Development Team
Business Development Lead Ben Broad
Merchandising Consultant Bob Stein
Business Development Consultant Rick Joyce
Business Development Consultant Michael Stein
Business Development Consultant Jack Saperstein
Business Development Consultant Aviad Haimi-Cohen
Distribution Team
Mark Demarest
Shelley Madison
Joshua Otten
Jason Rhude
Advisor John Stockdale
Advisor Alex Feerst
Advisor Dale Stephens
Advisor Jeremy Rossmann
Advisor Jonathan Cain
Consultant Mischa Steiner
Consultant Benja Juster
Legal Counsel Relani Belous
Legal Counsel Addison Adams
Addl Legal Counsel Wade German
Addl Legal Counsel George Rush
Addl Legal Counsel Clifford Lo
Accounting RG Alliance
Zander Jones Keith Miller
David King Jared Scott
Mia Jones Grace Rizzo
Detective Hernandez Lisa Goodman
Maria Jones Luly Trueba
Todd Jones Michael Scovotti
Stephanie King Shanna Forrestall
Peter King Andy Gates
Mark of Deluxe Movies Richard French
Chase of Chase Computer Chase Huneke
Boris of Telemarketers Ltd. Daniel Salas
Spirit Alea Rain
Isaac Hiro Kaizen Betts-Lacroix
Marlene Landers Ellaine Ballace
Bank Teller Kelly Ann Barrett
Cain Moss Jacob Michael
Definitely Not David King Robin Akerstrand
Phone Salesperson Lina Green
Officer Marko Rigo Obezo
Officer Advaita Kari Hodge
SWAT Officer Ryan Poole
Christopher Adam Riley Duncan Dakota Michael
Christopher Alvord Perry D’Marco Cary Mizobe
Chelsey Amaro Thomas Ernst Kyle Mullins Adam
Lisa Anderson Alexis Evans Nick Nieto
Ariana Azoulai Micah Flaum Ralph Nunneley
Widny Bazile Erik Friestad Shane O'Shea
Journey Brener Giorgia Fujita Nickolas Ostby
Emma Bruno Amanda Fyre Brandon Panagos
Brain Butler Alfred Gabidellini Natalie Petti
Jamie Charoen Rachel Golden Michael Pizzuto
Ethan Christopher Chelsea Heath Juan Rodriguez
Vanessa Conde Sheila Heinbach Connor Skific
Philip Cook Cory Johnson Jonathan Underwood
John Corcoran Martin Killion B Maxwell Vermillion
Christopher Craven Melina Kolani Tresian Welsh
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Sarah Curr Marcos Leiva Brooklyn Wilde
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Co-Producer Marvin Cheng
Co-Producer Hernany Perla
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UPM Suzann Toni
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Fatou Sy
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Additional Editing by Michael Frost
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“Back of Smile” “Mosquito”
Composed and Performed by
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Bend, OR
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Film Trailer Editor KO Creative
Social Media Cutdowns Editor
Kyle Peters
Social Media Trailers Editor
Jason Wishnow
Teaser Trailer by
Rob Wadleigh
Teaser Trailer Editor
Brody Gusar
Wrap-up video by Par Parekh
Documentarian Courtney Quirin
Additional Video Editing Matthew Burke
Outrage Nation
Ashley Bancroft Amanda Dieli
Concept Erica Blair
Concept Brooke Kelty
Creative Reality Entertainment Division
Producer, Stu LaBeouf
Chris Swimmer
Faye Bliss Jen Johnson
Seth Hodgeman
Colin Epstein
Hank Vittgen
Ben Mossbarger
Pepper Nicks Fenner
DIY Invaders
Created by
Dan Gerbarg & Tyler Prehm
Puppets and Set Design
Tyler Prehm
Music and Sound Design
Dan Gerbarg
Dan Gerbarg, Tyler Prehm & Jacob Shelton
Asst Producer, Asst Director, Art Dept & VFX
Eris Deo
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Frisky Talk & Tall Tails
Producer & Tabatha Grey
Caitlyn Kilgore
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Get Away From It All
Jackson Hantz Liam Merkle
Phillip Gaither
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Betsy Birza Hannah Frizell
Maximum Required Effort Store
Created by Shuai Chen
Graphic Design, Puzzle Assistant
Nell Quinn-Gibney
Miss Information
Writer, Producer, Actor
Ashton Swinford
Director / Editor Nick Moore
Producer / Actor
Whitman Johnson
Created by John Sanborn
Undeniable Drama Codex
Created by Billiam Rodgers
Graphic Design
Karen Wennberg
911 Caller Alysha Shaw
Tormentors R Us
Created by Sarah Duryea
Created by
Martha Fehrman
VFX For Hire
Created by Samuel Tarr
With a little help from
Laurie Heller
Development Producer
Reena Dutt
Additional Writing Diane Weipert
Development Assistant
Roxanne Black
Development Assistant
Tania Abdul
Development Assistant
Luke Ornish
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Chris London Michelle Cutler Mark Davis
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Chief Propaganda Officer
Anatoly Sokalov
Assistant to the Chief
Liza Popova
Propaganda Specialist
Katerina Volkova
Solutions Pavel Mikhaylov
Agitprop Videography
Dillon Morris
Agitprop Videography
Brenton Cooper
Agitprop Videography
Michael Murray
Agitprop America Support Team
Sean McCabe
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Take Presents 3
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